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Youth Drama Festival

Celebrating our
75th Festival
4th to 9th March 2019

Information pack with entry form

The week-long Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival is a wonderful week of entertainment, attracting around 350 young people from Hertfordshire and its adjoining counties, who compete for the cups awarded for junior, senior and technical as well as for the adjudicator’s discretionary award.

The Festival takes place at The Barn Theatre situated in Handside Lane, Welwyn Garden City. The Barn is a Grade 2 listed building and is home to the Barn Theatre Trust, hosting numerous plays and drama-related events throughout the year. Each performance piece will receive a public adjudication. The final adjudication and award ceremony will take place on the final Saturday.

There are usually two, or three short (one-act) plays each night. The teams must adhere to the Festival rules and will be awarded marks by a professional adjudicator for acting, production, stage presentation and dramatic achievement.

As 2019 is such a milestone for us, we’d like to encourage you to think about suitable themes for your entry. The first Festival took place during the Second World War in 1944 (yes, that’s 76 years, but there wasn’t a Festival in 1968), so we would welcome something related to, written in, or set in the WW2 years, or shortly thereafter.

This is an important thing for us; we are trying to establish a very particular theme for our 2019 Festival, and the more teams that can support our theme, the better for the Festival as a whole. Of course, we have no wish to put you off if you have something completely different in mind and, as ever, we welcome all entries, but if you feel that you can tune into our celebration, we would appreciate it.

As further encouragement, for this year only, we’re offering financial awards of £75 each to the first placed play in the Senior and Junior sections.

Entries for our 2019 festival are now open, with a deadline of 30 November 2018.