Our programme for the 73rd Welwyn Garden City Youth Drama Festival 6 – 11 March 2017

    Monday 6th March – 7.00pm
    • Barn Errol (J) “Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” – Don Zolidis
    • Beaumont School (J) “Arbeit Macht Frei” – Paul King
    • Richard Hale School (S) “Punk Rock” – Simon Stephens
    • Phoenix YTC (S) – “Sweeney Todd” – C G Bond
    Tuesday 7th March – 7.30pm
    • Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (J) “Kilmainham Kids” – Paul Sherman
    • Barnwell School Upper (S) “Signed to Serve” – Devised verbatim
    • Best Theatre Arts (S) “Just” – Ali Smith
    Wednesday 7th March – 7.30pm
    • Company of Teens (S) “The School Film” – Patrick Marber
    • Stagefright (S) “The Murder of Red Riding Hood” – Andra Bishop
    • Best Theatre Arts (S) “Laugh Now” – Devised
    Thursday 9th March – 7.30pm
    • The Archer Academy (J) The Fear of Missing Out – Devised
    • The Archer Academy (S) “100” (edited) – Petterle, Monaghan & Heimann
    • Barn Hermes (S) “Cagebirds” – David Campton
    Friday 10th March – 7.30pm
    • Barnwell School Middle (J) “Paris” – Devised verbatim
    • Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (S) “The Musicians” – Patrick Marber
    • Barn Hermes (S) “Spring Awakening” – Frank Wedekind
    Saturday 11th March – 2.30pm (Matinee)
    • Swavesey Youth Theatre (S) “What Are They Like” – Lucinda Coxon
    • St Francis College (J) “Deeds Not Words” – Charlotte McDermott
    • Chancellor’s School (J) “DNA” – Dennis Kelly
    Saturday 11th March – 7.00pm (NB Earlier time)
    • Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls (J) “Scheherazade” – Jeni Whittaker
    • Chancellor’s School (S) “Two” – Jim Cartwright

Caution: Some entries may contain strong language or themes unsuitable for young children