78th Festival 7th - 12th March 2022, programme released

We are delighted to welcome Tristan Marshall GoDA Pre-Associate member to be our Adjudicator. This will be Tristan’s second visit to the YDF Festival. Those who entered last year may remember that he acted as an observer.

MONDAY 7th MARCH – 7.30pm

  • Beaumont School Junior Drama Company (J) When This is Over – devised
  • Guy Crossland (S) Act 3 Sc. 1 – Hamlet speech by William Shakespeare
  • Mimic Youth Theatre Company (S) The Boy Preference by Elinor Cook

TUESDAY 8th MARCH – 7.30pm

  • Stagecoach Bishop’s Stortford & Harlow (J) Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me by John Pritchard
  • Barn Hermes (S) Antigone Now by Melissa Cooper
  • Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (S) Scaramouche Jones by Justin Butcher

WEDNESDAY 9th MARCH – 7.30pm

  • Barn Errol (J) Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales – adapted by Philip Wilson
  • St Albans High School for Girls (S) Milady by Beth Flintoff

THURSDAY 10th MARCH – 7.30pm

  • Archer Players (J) Oedipus the King by Sophocles translated by Ian Johnston
  • St Albans Middle School Drama Club (J) Lord of the Flies (abridged) by William Golding, adapted by Nigel Williams
  • Company of Teens (S) When This is Over – devised

FRIDAY 11th MARCH – 7.30pm

  • Freman College (S) Be A Lady They Said – devised
  • Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (S) Brook for Nothing by Paul Adam Levy
  • St Christopher School (S) Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne


  • Hampton Gardens School (S) Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  • Pump House CYT (S) Zero for the Young Dudes by Alistair McDowall


  • Limitless Academy of Performing Arts (J) Life is Like a Box of Chocolates by Ruth Burton
  • St George’s School (S) A Fishy Business by Margaret Wood

Award ceremony

NB: Some entries will be versions of longer plays which will have been abridged with the permission of the licensees.

Memories from 2020

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